About Us:

Welcome to our Accusplit Blog… My name is James Fogarty and I have worked with Accusplit as a wholesaler for over 10 years.  Accusplit is the most trusted name when it comes to pedometers and stopwatches.

Through this blog… you are now able to get up to 40%-50% off Accusplit Products.  My recommendation is to go directly to Accusplit’s home website, search for the items you need, then contact me as soon as possible to see how much money you can save on great pedometers and stopwatches.

Accusplit’s Home:  www.accusplit.com

My contact info:  James Fogarty / Owner of EverybodyFit, LLC

Phone Number to Discuss Order: 860-305-3815

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2 Responses to About Us:

  1. Lynn Clark says:

    I am interested in purchasing a large number of AE2720STEP-xBX Pedometer

    • Hey Lynn, were glad everyone at your workplace has decided to use Accusplit pedometers and we are glad that we could supply you with them at a nearly 50% discount. Thank you, James Fogarty

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