What is an Accelerometer? What is an Accelerometer Pedometer?


The following are some of the most significant reasons for purchasing an accelerometer pedometer instead of a traditional pedometer:

  • Accelerometers are one of the newest tools in fitness and wellness. Accelerometers provide a more “intelligent” technology. Pedometers react to vertical acceleration… whereas, an accelerometer measures vertical acceleration.
  • Accelerometers are more accurate for the following reason: The angle for which an accelerometer needs to be placed on the body is much more forgiving.  Therefore, people that are overweight, obese, wear loose clothing, or simply are not careful when putting it on… will still get accurate measurements (with a pedometer you would have to make sure it was on correctly to get the most accurate readings). For me, this is the most important reason to purchase an accelerometer over a pedometer.  
  • Accelerometers, are silent. You won’t hear the inside components “clicking” every-time you take a step.
  • Quality accelerometer pedometers use validated algorithms to calculate steps, miles, calories, and activity time.  As a result, the accuracy level of each of those measurements will be more accurate when using an accelerometer.
  • Accelerometers require more battery power than pedometers… some accelerometers will have a sleep mode that will save battery power.  This depends on the manufacturer and type of accelerometer used.
  • Accelerometers will tend to last longer than pedometers due to the differing inside components.
  • Right now the best accelerometer pedometer on the market today is the AX-2700 series. This accelerometer pedometer has the intelligent technology and it still comes with an affordable price-tag, a free leash to prevent loss, and a 1 year full warranty.
  • Everybodyfit, LLC is owned and operated by a health/physical education teacher that has been in the pedometer/accelerometer/wellness industry for over 10 years.
  • A picture of the AX2720 Accelerometer Pedometer can be seen below.


Retail Price at Accusplit for this accelerometer pedometer is $20.00 each …

The discount you will receive will be based on the quantity of pedometers that you order…

For Example:

25 pedometers = $10.85 each (free leash $3.00 value)

100 pedometers = $9.92 each ( even better savings- free leash)

1000 pedometers = $8.96 each (over 55% savings- free leash)


Need More Accelerometer Pedometers? = Call/Email for Quote

Company Sales Representative (James Fogarty)



Our company strives to provide you with the best fitness/wellness tools in the market today.  Not only that, but we believe it is our obligation to provide you with the lowest prices as well.

We want to see businesses get a high return on their investment in health and wellness for their employees.  We want to see schools lead the charge in lowering the rates of childhood obesity.  We also want to see more community programs that promote getting outside, lowering stress levels, and increasing family engagement in wellness activities.

EverybodyFit,LLC has been in business since 2003 and we look forward to working with you today!


About James Fogarty

Accusplit Wholesaler
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